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Smash Slight balance change to the Bomb item

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Gonna keep this brief.

The current iteration of the bomb item is definitely significantly better than the old, usually unhelpful version; well done.
However, there is one slight problem with it: the fuse is so short that if a bomb is thrown at you, even if you double jump away from it immediately, the bomb explodes while you're still in range, and then you take knockback while you don't have a double jump left to recover from the hit. The only other option is to not jump, allowing the bomb to hit you, hoping you can then use your double jump to recover. That isn't always possible.

I have 2 suggestions to fix this.

1: Increase the time it takes for the bomb to explode by a second or two. It wouldn't need to be much, just enough that you can get away from it in time with a double jump.
2: Decrease the area of effect of the bomb.

To compensate for this slight nerf, one thing I would suggest to counter balance it would be to make the bomb sticky, such that it 1) doesn't fall off the map after you throw it and 2) can stick to walls/overhangs.

Overall I think the team did a good job with the update, and clearly a lot of effort went into the designs and animations of the new items, so kudos. The only other thing I would remark on negatively is that some of the explosive items, particularly the grenades, destroy a few too many blocks, leaving stages with smaller land masses like mario and hexagon quickly in tatters, with almost nowhere left to jump to in the middle.


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Hey I_AmTheReaper,

Thank you for your feedback. I have reported the problem with the bomb/grenade to our developers and improvements will be made if necessary.

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